Thursday, May 31, 2012

Always and Forever, We love you LA

Hi my darlings~

This is Skim writing!! Sorry for the belated blog post but I was saving this day to post a very sentimental gesture of how much Chloe and I love LA. We mentioned earlier in our blog that we would both be moving to Canada shortly and that we would have to say goodbye to our beloved city, Los Angeles.

So here it goes~

After some grueling days of nonstop packing and giving away, Chloe has left for Calgary, Canada. She left on a good note~ We gave her an awesome goodbye party and a last supper kind of ordeal with our colleagues and instructors at Ruen Pair Thai Restaurant in Hollywood. We all went to Playhouse (Club) because Chloe insisted on finding her Australian man. Now she's settled back at home going crazy with her room (redecorating and arranging) and shopping day to day as usual.

Now, it is my turn to nonstop pack, donate, and give away. It's amazing how much 'stuff' you accumulate after four years of living in a place. It's amazing yet strangely disgusting. As I lay on my bed in my room for one last night, all I can think of are all the fond memories I've had here and how this place is considered my home. I will never forget this house, all my stuff, and everyone I've met along this journey. I'll even miss all those parallel parkings I had to do while street parking.

California, you shaped me to become the woman I am today, and same goes for Chloe. We both found a sense of identity in ourselves through the last couple of years here in LA and can't forget my actual home~ Long Beach.

Time to start a new chapter in our lives. Wish us luck!

Chloe and I won't be posting a new blog for another couple of weeks so in the meantime~ we will miss you!!!

deux obsessed

Before Chloe left, we decided that it would only be proper to have our last outfit photo shoot at the beach because everyone knows~ Los Angeles = Beaches !!!

Chloe: Naked Zebra blouse, Bandeau top, Brandy Melville maxi skirt, and Dolce Vita flats.

Skim: Urban Outfitter blouse, Forever 21 shorts, DIY leather belt, Brandy Melville Accessories, Michael Kor's watch

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Lack Of Time

Hello my darlings~

Chloe and I would like to sincerely apologize for the lack of posts. We feel awful as bloggers to not post and keep you guys updated on what's been going on the last couple of weeks of our lives!!!

So long story short........

Chloe and I had a huge senior exhibition that we had to put together and after the exhibition (which was a bitter sweet success!) We walked down the aisle to our GRADUATION ceremony as 2012 Product Designers. The week was full of laughs, cries, and joy.

Now that we are done with school, we are sort of at an abrupt stop.

Chloe is in the process of getting her things together for her big move back home (CANADA) and not to mention in the process of finding a job as well.

I (Skim) am in the process of packing and getting my things together as well for my move back home (TEXAS) then another big HAUL to CANADA as well.

So don't lose hope loves! Chloe and I will be shortly side tracked but once we are settled in CANADA we will get this thing going!!! FULL THROTTLE

BUT....that doesn't mean we won't blog every once in awhile...

enjoy a bit of everything from the last 3 weeks of our lives~


We know that we will be leaving Sunny LA but that doesn't mean we won't be back to be with our friends and loved ones. We will truly miss everyone and this is not the end but a beginning of something more.

We love you LA

deux obsessed