Monday, April 23, 2012

Beautiful on a Gloomy Day

Hello my darlings <3

Chloe here! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, been super busy with finishing up senior projects because we are GRADUATING in 19 days!!! Be excited for us because we are pretty excited for all this stress and work to be over with. At the same time, I won't lie I am kinda sad to leave this city and leave some of my friends behind but I know I will see them again some day. Thank god, Skim is moving to Calgary so I will be able to see her lots.

Anyways, I would like to thank you all for supporting our blog, your comments and likes on here and Fashiolista has made us want to put more effort into the blog. I know we don't have much, but the blog is still young and if you keep following we promise to make this the best blog ever!

Los Angeles has been super gloomy lately, its really depressing me. It's April shouldn't it be nice out? I want some sun please! Well today Skim and I went to 3rd street promenade to work on our blog. It was once again gloomy out but that doesn't mean we can't look good right? For those who have never been to LA you must visit 3rd street, it has the best out door shopping and the architecture is amazing, so sleek and modern. Yes the designer in me is coming out. We did a little bit of shopping, looking at the new trends and styles going around. We were more on a hunt for trousers, Skim is wearing a tux at Senior Show and well the hunt for the perfect wide leg trousers have been kinda disappointing. However, on our adventure to finding these trousers we met some nice people along the way. We also invited some new people to our senior show. For all those who live in LA you should all come to our Senior Show! It will be amazing.

Have any of you ever been to Hooters? Well I am sure if you have the experience is fairly interesting. I don't know why but I always end up getting the dumbest waitresses. Oh well, at least the fried pickles made up for it. Have any of you ever tried their fried pickles? If you haven't please try, the best ever. 

Ok enough blabbing, time to show you our new outfit pictures. Oh forgot, we will be doing a splurge and steal post soon so stay tuned for that.

xoxo deux obsessed

Chloe- top:cotton on/ leggings: American Apparel/ Jacket: Storets/Shoes: Sam Edelman/ Purse: Novella Royale/ Bracelets: Brandy & Hermes/ Rings: BCBG, Noir and Alexander McQueen

Skim- dress:Forever21/ Jacket: Storets/ Purse: Chanel/ Shoes: Dolce Vita/ Bracelets: Alexander McQueen and Armani Exchange/ Rings: House of Harlow, Tiffany & Co.

ps. Brandy Melville is now our favorite store ever!!! Check it out, has the best clothes ever. We are literally OBSESSED!!!


  1. great outfits! love the styling! xx

    1. thanks my dear! thanks for checking our blog out! please do follow us and we will do the same <3
      xoxo deux obsessed