Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Day In Heels At Home Depot

Good Afternoon My Darlings!!!

Skim here~ 
How is everyone? I hope your week is going by fast like ours cause the weekend is just around the corner! Chloe and I are still ridiculously busy with school projects so we decided to take the photos while running errands. Multi-tasking for us today! On top of that, we dressed extra classy because we had senior photos to take which was a lot of fun! (Stay tuned for those images when it's done being edited.)

So picture this~ Chloe, Rachel, and I, three extraordinary dressed up girls, walking into Home Depot with a giant camera in one hand, purse in the other, and the occasional can of spray paint with massive heels on. It's quite a sight if I do say so myself!!! It was a bit awkward to take photos next to a bunch of tools and plywood so we decided to take the photo shoot elsewhere!!!! We went straight to the nursery section of the department and had a fashion photo shoot pow-wow. Right next to the trees, flowers, and bushes!!! 

Speaking of HEELS at Home Depot...

I decided to wear my Jeffrey Campbell Rockin Platforms and lets just say, I've worn heels since middle school and this is the only pair of heels I absolutely cannot walk in for more than an hour. Jeffrey Campbell, you disappoint me with such poor ergonomics with this specific pair. I mean, the Lita platforms are just super comfy and easy to walk in but these... after a couple of steps, I feel like my feet are being bind together and I have to take baby steps like a girl who's never walked in heels in her life. But I guess that's the price I have to pay for wearing super awesome looking shoes!!! 
After all, "Beauty Is Pain!

Chloe on the other hand, wore these adorable suede wedged sandals from Aldo which are to die for! They look similar to the Elizabeth and James wedges but half the price!!! Gosh, I love shoes that are cute and budget friendly! Chloe's on the other hand has gold buckles which add the perfect amount of glam to a pair of shoes! She rocks this pair with almost anything she wears but today she paired it perfectly with electric blue toenails and a bright orange clutch! Wedges are easy to walk in and look fabulous with just about everything! And did I mention they make your legs look long and slender! Although, Chloe did mention she wanted to get the actual Elizabeth and James wedges for senior show...I guess we will see about that!!! 

p.s If you want to check out the shoes mentioned in today's blog, just click on the names and it'll take you straight there!!! 


Chloe is wearing...
Stella McCartney Sunglasses, Silence & Noise (Dress), Aldo Wedges, Marc by Marc Jacob clutch, House of Harlow Jewelry, nOir Jewelry, and H&M necklace and rings.

Skim is wearing...
RayBan Wayfarer, Lolita (top from NASTYGAL), Club Monaco denim, Jeffrey Campbell platforms, Marc by Marc Jacob purse, House of Harlow jewelry, Tiffany and Co. jewelry, nOir Jewelry, and H&M jewelry

xoxo <3 deux obsessed team 


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