Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beauty Product Obsessions

Bonjour everyone!!

Chloe here! Hope everyone's week is going great. Skim and I have decided to share with you our favorite beauty product obsessions. Being a girl who loves all things beauty, how can I go without amazing beauty products? I won't like I am pretty much a makeup whore, I will try everything that is out there. However, I am here to share with you the best products team Deux Obsessed are well...obsessed with.

Can someone tell me do you really not care about what types of skin care products you use? or that you don't mind breaking out or you can go without covering a horrible zit or scar up? I can guarantee that 90% of the people out there can agree with me that there is no way they will walk out the door looking like crap and having people stare. I for one can't even walk out the door without at least foundation on, that just shows you how much I care about my face. I even wash my face every night with 5 types of face washes, yes you may think that is a little excessive but I don't ever like to break out.

Okay, enough with me ranting about my skin and what I are our beauty product obsessions.

If you ever want to try these out GO RIGHT A HEAD, THEY WORK GREAT FOR US!! Also please let us know what types of products are your FAV, I am sure I would love them too!!

xoxo Deux Obsessed

Chloe's FAV items:

Bliss Steep Clean Mask: $55
The best mask one can use. A once a week mask that leaves your skin feeling refreshed, soft and brand new. This only takes 15 minutes to work, you can feel it literally cleaning deep into your pores. I use to break it out a lot but after using this miracle mask, my skin has been amazing since. NO JOKE

Korres Body Butter in Guava : $29

I am a girl with really dry skin and I have tried almost every moisturizer out there, everything at Body Shop, Bath & Body works, expensive stuff and cheap drug store products. Nothing worked until......THIS CAME ALONG!!! Not only does it smell amazing, it works miracles! It leaves my skin nice and smooth all day long, you won't need to reapply unless you wash it off! Best body butter out there for sure!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer: $36
This is my favorite primer by far. I have tried maybe 5 types of primers and this one makes my skin feel smooth and light. It almost feels as though I have nothing on. It goes on so smooth and little goes a long way. My foundation lasts almost all day after I put it over the primer. Also, I have yet to break out from this primer unlike most.

Origins Acne Spot Treatment : $13.50

I may have said I barely break out because of the products I use but I am still a person. I break out once in a while when mother nature hits. Well here is the magical product that will remove that nasty bump on your face in a heart beat. I just recently introduced this product to Skim and lets just say she is OBSESSED!! It is a gel that leaves a dry layer over the imperfection so that the magic can work. It stings a little when you use it but it is a good sting, you know it is working because of it. Please try, I am telling you once I put it on, it is gone the next day!

Bath and Body Works Super Softening Hand Lotion : $12

I won't lie, I worked at Bath & Body works this past summer, didn't last long there because it was maybe the worst job ever! But I did learn something, they have the most amazing hand lotion yet! Like I have said before I have really dry skin and I cannot lug around my huge tube of Korres body butter, but this stuff comes in the perfect size for my purse. Just a little lasts all day unless I wash it off. My hands don't feel greasy after using it like most lotions feel. I recommend this because it is the perfect hand lotion that comes in the right size.

Skims FAV items:

IPKN Essential Moisture Cleansing Foam $17

IPKN NEW YORK MOIST 12.5 Emulsion : $40



IPKN NEW YORK MOIST 12.5 Toner $38

These items may seem like they are on the pricier side but they work magic! Leaves the skin smooth and flawless. This product comes in different skin types, no matter if you are dry, oily or both. What else could a girl want?? 

Yes to Blueberries Makeup Remover Wipes :$7.99

These are amazing towelettes! I am serious! Skim uses these constantly and it takes everything off. I didn't believe her till she gave me one when I was in no mood to go through my 5 step makeup removing process. I took one and it took all my makeup off. Not only did it do an amazing job but they smell amazing too! Plus who can say no to that price?? 7.99 NO WAY!

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